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Dentures & Partials

Traditionally, dentures have relied only on suction to stay in place, and for many people this has proven unsatisfactory. Dentures are known to move around while talking, eating, or can just fall out.  They can cause sore spots, require yucky denture paste, and worst of all, cause your jawbone to shrink after years of use.

Now, however, our high-tech implants can eliminate all these problems, and give you a secure, pain free solution. With the placement of 4-6 Mini Dental Implants, and corresponding inserts in the underside of the denture, your teeth will snap into place and fit securely until you are ready to take them out. This helps eliminate sore spots, denture pastes, and maintains the health and integrity of your jawbone. And if you have dentures already, we can upgrade them to work with our implants. At Rockville Sedation Dentistry Plus, we can place the implants in one visit.