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Dental Implants Rockville MD

Dental Implants

Like real teeth, implants come in different diameters and lengths. They are all FDA approved and conform to the highest standards of materials, sterility, shape, etc. Here at Rockville Sedation Dentistry Plus, we use mostly Mini Dental Implants, also known as Small Diameter Implants. They are the same as any other implant, just narrower.

But what about traditional, larger implants? We use those too, when the situation calls for them. For example, a larger implant gives us more flexibility to change the position of an implant in the bone, when needed. There are other specific circumstances when larger implants are more appropriate, and our office has the flexibility to use what's right for you.

We don't limit ourselves to just one type of implant. At Rockville Sedation Dentistry Plus, we personalize our treatments to address YOUR individual situation, always keeping your health and welfare our highest priority.