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Bone Grafting Rockville MD

Bone Grafting & PRF

For many years our medical colleagues have used what is called PRF, which stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin. It is used in many kinds of grafting procedures, and is the ideal material for many situations. What makes it ideal is that it is made out of your own tissue, so there is no chance of rejection. In fact, it is the most natural material there can be, because it is yours. Grafts made from PRF heal quicker, better, and stronger than any other material. All it requires is a small blood sample from your arm, just like going for a lab test. We have the equipment and expertise to do it right here in our office.

At Rockville Sedation Dentistry Plus we use PRF for all our grafting procedures, because there is nothing better, more natural or safer. Your welfare is always our first concern.